Flying popup-window: very simple configuration
  • This script creates a popup-window as soon as the webpage has been loaded. The popup-window floats from the left side of your screen to the right side.
  • Very easy installation and configuration.
  • Crossbrowser.
  • Download the ZIP-file extract the file 'flyingpopup.js'.
  • Put the file into the same folder as your webpage.
  • Open your webpage where this script will be running.
  • Add the onLoad-call right into your <body>-tag like this:
    <body onLoad="openpopup('popupwindow.htm','300','120','150')">
    GREEN is the URL of the HTML-file displayed in your popup-window
    BLUE is the width of the popup-window (pixels).
    RED is the height of the popup-window (pixels).
    BROWN is the vertical distance to the top of the screen (pixels).
  • Add the <script>-tag just below the <body>-tag. It's just one single line looking like this:
    <SCRIPT SRC="flyingpopup.js"></SCRIPT>
  • That's it. Have fun!

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