Duties of the NNRA Officers


a)  preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee

b)  enforce the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of this Association

c)  decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal, act as a judge in elections, and declare the results

d)  have authority to call meetings of the Executive committee

e)  be empowered to appoint committees as provided in these Bylaws and such special committees as the Executive Committee may deem advisable

f)  be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating committee

g)  perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office, or as may be delegated by the Executive Committee.

Vice President

The Vice President shall assist the President in the discharge of duties and responsibilities. During the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall have the powers and perform all of the duties of the President.


If it appears that the office of President will be vacant for the remainder of the term, the Vice President may be appointed President by the Executive Committee for the unexpired portion of the term.


The Secretary under the direction of the President shall:


a)  keep accurate records of the proceedings of the Association and its Executive Committee

b)  take care of the general correspondence and have charge of all records except those in charge of the Treasurer

c)  give notice of all meetings

d)  issue such reports as the Executive Committee may direct

e)  perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office or may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.


The Treasurer of the Association shall:


a)  receive and be custodian of all its monies

b)  keep the Executive Committee fully advised on all matters connected with the Association funds

c)  keep an accurate financial record, showing all receipts and disbursements

d)  prepare vouchers and disburse such funds as directed by the Executive Committee and approved by any two of any authorized signing officers

e)  perform such duties as the President or Executive Committee may assign.

Other (Non-Elected) NNRA Positions

Director - Events

Golf Tournament Director

The Tournament Director (TD) is a specially appointed delegate who is responsible for negotiating the details of all aspects of setting up tee times, carts, food, prizes and other arrangements with the golf courses chosen for any of the "Outing" tournaments held by the NNRA.

The TD must work closely with the NNRA officers in planning the Outings, such that all objectives are met with regard to the NNRA overall budget and spending plan.

The TD must work closely with the League Treasurer for the disbursement of funds to ensure that all needed funds and prizes will be available when they are needed.

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