Occasionally, some of our members are in need of help in some serious or crisis situation. Some are simply unable to arrange transportation for regular medical help, others may need help during their bereavement, and some need help in obtaining information on benefits or pensions from Nortel Networks.

 In order to meet this need the NNRA has organized support groups. The mission of these groups is to provide assistance to follow retirees and their spouse/families in the areas of home care, bereavement, and interfacing with Nortel Networks when they need help and do not know what to do or are unable to take care of it themselves. Support is limited to the retiree, spouse, and immediate family members. In the absence of a spouse or immediate family member, assistance will be provided to the individual who is acting in their stead, or is appointed by the retiree.

 The functions of these groups are as follows:

 Bereavement Committee – Helps fellow retirees and their spouse/families cope with the grief of losing a loved one.

        NNRA Contact – Betty Pecoraro, Tel: 919 787-8136

                                                                 E-mail: Betty Pecoraro 

 Member Care Committee – Helps fellow retirees and their spouse/families in areas such as transportation to hospitals, doctors, rehabilitation centers, and with home and hospital visitations when they are not able to provide for themselves.

       NNRA Contact - Chuck Moritz , Tel: (919) 870-5614
     NNRA Contact - Alice Van Orden, Tel: (919) 303-7516

                                                                E-Mail: Chuck Morit
                                                                E-Mail: Alice Van Orden

Additional Support Groups Contacts:


The NNRA needs more volunteers to allow us to support members and their families wherever they may live. If you think you would be able to assist, please volunteer and join us in this rewarding experience. Call the committee leaders or any member of the executive committee and let us know of your interest.


June 2008



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