NT Golf League Registration Confirmation
for the Spring Outing

Thank you for registering for the NNRA Spring Golf Outing.     Please print this confirmation page to send along with your check. 
If any data was entered incorrectly,  please make the change on the printed copy.

If not already printed, Please PRINT for submission, along with:
$40.00 each for NNRA member or spouse
$44.00 each for current Nortel employees
         $49.00 each for non NNRA members and guest

If this form did not print,
use the Print Button on your Browse to print conformation page..

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Outing Fees MUST be received before May 7th

First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

Course/Night Played



Registration submitted on:

Check Number: ______________         Amount of check:____________


David McKinnon,
NNRA Golf Tournament Director                  

Mail to: Dave McKinnon
321 Dalton Dr
Raleigh, NC 27615
Telephone: 919 866-0329
Email: dmckinnon@nc.rr.com

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